Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update time...

Well the ultrasound went really well.  It was a measly 2 hours instead of 3. {thank goodness!} Everything looked great! Babies A & C {the girls} are estimated at about 1 lb 11 oz. and Baby B {the boy} is estimated to be 1 lb. 14 oz.  Quite the bruiser already!  They were all really active and I even got to see Baby C yawn.  I didn't even know that was possible!  Baby B and C are breech at this point and poor Baby A has the bottom bunk, laying across my hips.  So not too much to report there.

I did my dreaded glucose tolerance test and all the other labs yesterday.  All the "other labs" turned out great and normal.  The glucose test, not so much.  Apparently I have developed Gestational Diabetes.    When my doctor told me, I have to admit I was in a bit of shock and then I started thinking wait a minute... I am not obese.  I eat healthy.  I talk care of myself.  I have never had this with previous pregnancies.  I don't get it.  The doctor assured me that it was nothing I did, in fact she was kind of expecting this.  What?  She said,  it is caused by a hormone released by the placenta.  Obviously with three placentas my odds were much greater in developing GD.   It made me feel,a little better knowing I didn't do anything to cause this.  Still not happy, but a little better.  

I just found out last night so I don't know too much about my personal case and how exactly it will be handled.  I do know that the doc ordered a class for me to take and a consult with the fetal health specialist and nutritionist to go over how to manage everything.  I will also have to be testing my blood sugar throughout the day with a little finger prick machine and keep a log of the numbers to bring with me to the doctor.  Then, depending on the trend, I will manage it through diet, pill and/or insulin injections.   I sooo thought I was done with injections...

This does explain a lot as to how I have been feeling lately though.  Usually when I'm hungry my tummy's rumbling and I may get a little crabby.  Lately though it feels like my entire body is weak.  Like I don't want to hold the phone to my ear weak.  So I eat something and depending on what I eat, I feel better or worse.  I've been noticing if I have a handful of cashews or a protein shake made with blueberries, I feel better.  If I grab an apple or some crackers, I feel worse.  Good to know there is a reason behind it and I can start to plan my meals accordingly now.   

I don't really know too much else about it, but I do know {based on my Google research} there are a slew of things that can happen if not managed properly.  I won't get into all the nitty gritty now.  I'm just gonna' take it one day at a time and hopefully I can get a handle on this quickly.    In the middle of all this, I'm just so thankful the babies are continuing to grow and develop every day. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

24 Weeks!!!

Well this week is a big milestone in pregnancy.  This week marks the week of viability.  I had a check up today and my OB and I had a quick little celebration with some Ya-hoos, sighs of relief and some big smiles.  We quickly got back to business though and set the next mile stone at 32 weeks.  This happens to be the "average" week of delivery for triplets.  

Lucky for me all looked good today.  The babies were squirming around as usual.  My cervix is still in great shape.  My Doc even went so far as to say I have an "awesome uterus".  All good news.  We will now have check ups every 2 weeks because lets face it people, pregnant women and the summer heat just don't mix.  I'm glad she is keeping a close eye on things though, it really gives me peace of mind knowing all is well.

Thursday I have another Level 2 ultrasound and if all is well there, I can wait another 4 weeks before my next one. Yay!

Friday I have the dreaded blood glucose test and a bunch of other labs along with it.  I have to admit the blood glucose test always freaks me out.  For those who are not familiar with the test, let me break it down for you.  I have to fast the night before and then go to the lab for the 3 hour test.  First, I will have my blood drawn.  Then I have to drink some syrupy, sugary drink and have my blood drawn in 1 hour.  As if this was not enough, I have one more draw at the three hour mark.   bleh.  

For those of you who don't really care about breakfast you'd breeze right through this.  For me, I am always starving in the morning.  Now of course pregnant, it's even worse!  I feed myself before feeding my kids almost every morning.  {Luckily they don't really care about breakfast.}  There are many mornings though when these little munchkins in my belly wake me up at 5-6 in the morning which then gets my tummy rumbling and I have to get a small bite before going back to sleep.  So ya, the thought of starvation in the morning gives me some anxiety for sure.

Anyway, all is looking good.  I'll update with all of the other stuff soon! I'll leave you with a 24 week belly pic...courtesy of my 6 year old. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Belly Pix...Finally!

I'm just going to get right to it.  Here's the latest belly pix with a little explanation.  First of all, yes, I am in the same shirt as the last belly pic.  Don't worry i washed it.  It is one of my favorite shirts, not to mention a lot of my shirts are getting too short and this one stretches forever.  I'm just not the type to go around letting this big 'ol belly catch a breeze.  If you are that type, no offense.  You are very brave.  So anyway, this one was taken at 22.5 weeks along.

This one I took the very next morning{22.6 weeks}.  Morning being the reason for this headless pregnant woman in the picture.  Is it just me or does my belly look bigger?  Maybe it's the shirt?  I also measured my belly and I am now 44 inches around! 
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In other news, there's not too much to report.  The babies are WAY more active.  They have been exercising A LOT between midnight and 1am almost nightly.  Their movements are definitely getting a stronger and more vigorous.  A little harder to ignore, but I sure do try!  It usually starts with one squirmy baby who then wakes up the next before going to back to sleep and the torch then gets passed to the other one before they are all asleep again.  I just hope they get this out of their system now so night feedings go smoothly for their parents.  Oh, and they have been getting the hiccups lately too.  :)

As for me, 22 weeks has hit hard and I am slowing down once again.  Routine things are getting more difficult.   Lately anything that falls on the floor or is in need of attention below my knee will just have to wait.  I've come up with a couple solutions though, Toes need to be painted-pedicure. A spill on the floor-call in the dog.  Toys on the floor- allowance for the kids for doing their chores.  I'm sure I'll come up with a few more solutions as I grow, but being a Mom you've gotta be creative right?  

I also have to say, my family has been really supportive through all of this.  I am so lucky to have them.  I am still in good spirits.  I really feel like it would be so easy to focus on the discomfort, but I think that would just make me miserable and being positive (for me) is the best way to cope.  It allows me to still be there for my kids and my husband as much as I can be.  So that's my game plan for now.  I have another week until my next doc appointment and ultrasound.  I should have more to report then!


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