Sunday, July 17, 2011

28 weeks and counting...

Well, as you may have guessed I've had a few doctor appointments since my last post. Luckily there is not anything really to report there. My run of the mill check up was last week and what could be better than a nice boring check up right? The babies are all doing great and although I may not feel great, the doc tells me I am doing fabulous. Actually I think her exact words to describe me were "Rock Star". She is always so excited with the progress not to mention just the simple fact that I am still pregnant and up and around.

I am also now seeing a Perinatologist.  This is a doctor reserved for those with high risk pregnancies and complications.  She will also be performing my ultrasounds from here on out.  She has always been consulting with my Doctor, now that I have the complication of the Gestational Diabetes, I was the one consulting with her.  She too was very impressed with how things have played out so far with this pregnancy.  She said if things keep up like this, she sees no reason why I shouldn't make it to 34 or maybe even 36 weeks!  That's only 6-8 weeks left.  Wow, times flying!  

We also talked a lot about diabetes and she did toy around with the idea of putting me on insulin, but ultimately said she wouldn't be doing that.  She may put me on a pill every morning before breakfast, but I can handle that.  Just keep the needles away!

Let me just say, it felt really good to get such great feed back from the doctors.  I have been trying really hard to balance my family and this pregnancy and it gets harder day by day.  A little recognition felt really good.  I definitely have my list of discomforts and complaints, but I try to stay on the positive side for my own sanity.  The GD has been really tough on me.  I am having some MAJOR sugar cravings lately.  I was making my kids PB&J yesterday and it took all my will power not to grab a spoonful of jelly and eat it. Craziness!  I used to be tempted more by the PB.  I am keeping on the diet, although grudgingly,  I know it's best for me and the wee ones in my belly.

On the subject of the wee ones, they are packing some punch these days!  I swear 3-4am is a Kung Fu match time most mornings.  I'm not talking about little flutters either, theses are some roundhouse kicks!  Needless to say they are growing stronger every day and here's my belly pic to prove it...Enjoy!

28 weeks
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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Run Down

Alrighty, so I had my class to learn about Gestational Diabetes today.  There were four of us in the class and let me just say, everyone looked a bit grumpy to start off with and it didn't get too much better as the 2 hours went by.  There were 3 different teachers there each to discuss different aspects of GD.  One talked mainly about portion control, one talked about menu panning and the other taught us how to use our new equipment.  All three had to basically give the pregos a good diet smack-down.  Our Q&A went something like this:

Them:  "Raise your hand if you drink juice."
Us: Raising our hands meekly.
Them:  "No more juice.  Big No No ladies."
Them:  " Raise your hand if you eat cake, frosting, ice cream etc..."
Us:  Raising our  meek little hands again with scowls on our face.
Them:  " No more sugary sweets."
Them:  "Raise your hand if your hands if you eat cereal in the morning"
Us:  Raising our hands again looking a little perplexed, but knowing what's coming next.
Them:  " No more cereal for breakfast."

You get the idea...the cereal one hit particularly hard for me as I have been eating cereal for breakfast almost every day since I can remember.  Needless t say none of us were too happy about the Q&A portion of our teaching.  It reminded me of a Seinfeld I saw years ago with "The Soup Nazi". 
I won't bore you all of the details, but here's the bare bones.  The dietitian wants me to eat 2700 calories a day.  Yikes!!! That is a LOT of food!  Now, I don't know if I can physically do that, especially minus any kind of junk food, total heartburn and 3 babies squishing my stomach into a thin pancake at the top of my uterus, but I have to try.  I also have to test my blood sugar before and 1 hour after every meal.  I have to track my blood glucose number and fax the weeks worth of data to the doctor every Wednesday.  If there is any reason for concern they will put me on meds {pill or injections depending}.  I definitely want to avoid this so I will be a good little patient and listen to orders...even though what I really want is Ben and Jerry's.  
So do the babies.  Don't ask me how I know, I just do.

I have a few more appointments coming up soon so I'll post on that soon.  But for now, that's the dealio.  I leave you with my 25 week belly pic.  Have a great 4th!!!
25 weeks


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