Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 week Ultrasound

So I flew down to L.A. late Tuesday evening for my 10 week ultrasound.  I didn't get into my room until 9pm and I was starving {as usual}so I ordered room service.  I am almost ashamed to say this, but I at a bacon cheese burger while watching The Biggest Loser. Ha!

When I was done I set my tray outside the door and...oh crap!  I locked myself out!  I had just washed my face and had my hair all clipped and put up out of my face.  I was wearing sweatpants, no shoes, and a t shirt I like to sleep in.  Lookin' good Heidi!  Thank goodness I still had on my bra!  Seeing how I had no phone, my only choice was to go down to the lobby and try to get them to let me in.  So they asked my name and room number which I promptly gave.  Then they asked for the address on file with the credit card used to pay for the room.  Well seeing how it was not my card that did the paying, I didn't know the address.  Fan-tas-tic. To my complete and utter mortification, they called security and I had to be escorted back up to my room and show them my ID.  Talk about embarrassing! 

Anyway, on to the ultrasound.  The babies are looking great and measure at 11 weeks.  They are already quite advanced for their age. :) We got to see them moving and wiggling all around and can I just say how awesome that was?  I just think ultrasounds are so amazing!  So all is well with the little bambinos...

Dr. S also said that it looked like a lot of the pooling that he had seen previously in my uterus was absorbed.  YAY!  So this means there may be light at the end of the tunnel sooner than later.  I am still on bed rest until  spotting stops completely, but I have now graduated from the IVF doctor to a regular OB in town.  That will be nice to not have to travel so much.  So now on to the daunting task of picking the best hospital and Doctor I can in a hurry.  Anyone in the Sacramento area have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cause for celebration

I Had my last injection last night!!!  Ya-hoo!!!  I have had almost 100 injections this year and that's not even counting blood draws.  Yikes! I can not even tell you how thrilled I am to be done with those things.   I have welts, bruises and giant knots on both sides of my rumpus and when searching for a "good spot", I found that there were none!  I also had adhesive spots all over the place from band-aides.  That was always fun to scrub off...
Did I mention how happy I am to have those behind me

As for me, I go in for yet another ultrasound this week and I am hoping for some good news.  I am still spotting and still on bed rest.  uuuggghhh... I do feel like it has slowed down which I am taking as a good sign.  On that note, I leave you with this funny...I'll update soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

8 week Ultrasound

Well I had the privilege of spending my birthday yesterday flying to LA and back for my 8 week ultrasound.  The babies are measuring at about 8 weeks 5 days and looking great!  They each are about the size of a Lima bean.  It is always so wonderful to see and hear those little heartbeats.  
Me, on the other hand,  well, I am still on bed rest.  bleh.  The doc could still see a pooling of fluid in my uterus and until I stop spotting, I am parked.   I go in for another ultrasound in two weeks and I hope, hope, hope, things will be back to normal by then.  I am also really starting to show which surprised me for this early on.  I guess it's time to bring out the old maternity clothes. 

So that's all the news about me, but I did come across kind of a sad story in Surro news this week.  Rest assured, there is a happy ending.  This story really puts the spotlight on the need for educating people regarding surrogacy.  This kind of thing should not be happening. 
Click here for the full article.


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