Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Triple loop in the surrogacy roller coaster Part 1

Ok, this is going to be a long post so bare with me here.  I'm going to start at the very beginning...Hopefully it's not too confusing.  
So remember when I had a little scare?  Well I have a confession.  Two days after that ultrasound, when I landed in the ER,  I was told that I was carrying triplets.  This was such a complete and utter shock and we all {my IP's and hubby and I} agreed that it was a good idea to keep it quiet for the time being.  You never know what will happen and odds are not all three would stay with us. This news definitely explained a whole lot regarding the spotting/bleeding, but not quite what I was expecting to hear two days after being confirmed pregnant with twins.
Sooo we all {A, S, hubby and I} went down to LA a few days later for the 6 week ultrasound.  Dr. S {IVF doctor} confirmed that I was in fact carrying triplets and that all three had heartbeats.  One was a little smaller than the other two but looked pretty good also.  All I could say was Wow!  I was a bit overwhelmed but I had a feeling things would work out exactly how they were supposed to.
One of the biggest obstacles in our way was the surrogacy insurance.  It has a clause in there that cancels your policy if you are expecting more than twins.  This is HUGE!  There are so many unknowns with pregnancy in general but with get the idea.  So we all came to decision to take it one day at a time and see where this crazy road would lead us.
Two weeks later, A and I went down to LA again to have our 8 week ultrasound.  Dr. S did his thing and quickly told us that it looked like Baby C had stopped growing and he could not find a heartbeat.  This was very bittersweet.  On one hand we knew that everything happens for a reason and that this would give Babies A and B a better chance.  On the other hand it was just sad.  Very bittersweet.  So as we left there I selfishly felt a sense of relief because I knew how hard it would be to carry three, but in seeing how much it had upset A I felt really sad too.  I knew I had done everything in my power to keep the babies safe, but as a surrogate, I also feel a certain sense of responsibility for this precious bundle I am carrying.  I am carrying someones hopes, dreams and future in my womb. 
Another two weeks went by and A and I went down to LA for another ultrasound with Dr. S.  This one was pretty uneventful and we were told that the twins looked great and were developing perfectly.  At the end of the ultrasound, almost as an after thought , A asked if Dr. S was going to check to see if Baby C was "absorbed".  The doc said there was no point...
  Insurance had been reinstated and my care transferred to a local OB.  So on we went with plans for the twins.

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