Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Trans-iversary!!!

A year ago today was the day of our transfer.  A whole year people!  I can not believe how fast the time went.  Believe me when I say some days seemed to drag on FOREVER!  

A year ago today I was standing in the little doctors office making some difficult decisions on whether to transfer two or three embryos with my FIP's.  So many "What ifs?" were going through our minds and the biggest was "What if all three DO take?".  
We were all a bit freaked out.  I sat there inverted on the table with a full bladder and we all were concentrating on small talk.  Meanwhile our minds were racing with every imaginable scenario.  

I remember it like it was yesterday.  

 To think that now those three little embryos that all of our hopes were pinned on grew into such adorable, chubby sweet little babies is nothing short of a miracle. 
I look at all of the videos and pictures of those sweet little babes and I can't help but feel so grateful that all three did take.  
What a wild ride this has been, but I am grateful for every second. 

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