Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To do List-Part II

Ok, so I finished my previous to do list. The next one was a little more difficult. At the top of that list was Learn to give self injections...YIKES! The injections have been a bit of a sore subject for me, excuse the pun. Although I have tried, for some reason my hands don't listen to my brain when it comes to causing bodily harm to my self. (I guess that is a good thing?) I was determined to get this checked off my list before I went to LA so the night before I left I went to work. I tried standing, lying down, and sitting. It turns out there is no "good" position to inject yourself in the rump. I had to have a pep talk inside my head. I felt like a football coach..."You can do this...Don't be a baby...etc..." Finally my strong will paid off. I was able to coach my hands to do what my brain didn't want them to do. If I can do that, I can do anything! Right?
So I kissed my sweet boys and my hunny goodbye and went out into the big world. My hubby told me to go ahead and get prego with another man's baby and to have some fun too...What a comedian.
So the list goes on...
9am Have a delicious breakfast-Check
10:30 am Embryo Transfer-Check
Now comes the fun part...bed rest. I can still remember the days telling my parents, "I'm bored." "I'm not tired." "There's nothing to do." etc... Look how far I've come. I have nowhere to be, nothing to do, and I have to stay in bed. I love it!
D (intended parent) has brought me lunch, cupcakes not once, but twice today, along with 3 pints of REAL ice cream (no low fat about this stuff). So sweet! (excuse the pun) I guess if I have trouble sleeping, I could just lay there in a self induced sugar coma. This is the life, eh?
Now we keep our fingers crossed for the next 10 days until we get our positive pregnancy test...


COsurromommy said...

I hear you about the shots, but after you do it once it's easy from there on out. So far everything sounds wonderful. Can't wait to hear the results!

Mama K said...

just thinking of giving myself the shots makes me quiver. hopefully i'll always have someone there to give them to me!!

fingers crossed!


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