Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little tid bit

Well, although we are mostly concentrating on Christmas around here, we have had some forward motion.  The doctor did start me on the pill to be able to sync my cycle with the egg donor. Speaking of, as I understand it, we are just waiting around for her cycle to start and then the calender will be made.  Yahoo!  I am not really sure how the fresh cycle is done, as I have only done the 2 frozen, but I am anxious to see if there is much of a difference.

Oddly, I am looking forward to a package of needles coming my way...I don't think I have ever been quite so thrilled at the prospect of inflicting pain on myself.  Weird huh?=)


Kristen said...

I know exactly what you mean! Can't wait to get those needles in the mail myself. We must be nuts, but its a good nuts right? : )

Andrea said...

Short and sweet. Love the update! Happy Holidays!!!


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